Margaret (she/her), Alex (he/him)

Margaret is a queer, disabled graphic designer and journalist who writes about accessibility in design, technology and the built environment. It wasn't until she began covering stories in the sex tech industry that she realized the majority of mainstream pleasure products were not designed for a broad spectrum of physical abilities, including her own.

As a designer and a consumer, Margaret was frustrated by the lack of accessible options currently available. Rather than continuing to adapt existing products to fit her needs, she decided to create something new by collaborating with Alex, a nanotechnology engineer, synthesist and maker.

Together they built a system of forward-thinking tools and toys that can help to remove the access barriers to pleasure that often exist in conventional sex toy design. They've been working for the past year on TouchBot’s debut line of products, and they can't wait to share it with you!

small winking robot illustration surrounded by green blobs  small winking robot illustration surrounded by green blobs